online alarm clock.pngStood up. I hate it. When you say you will be somewhere at a certain time, you should be there at that time. I’m relaxing that thought a little after having lived in a Latin culture for 3 years. I now don’t mind waiting about 30 minutes for someone to show up. BUT, when they don’t show up at all, you just have to blog about it to get it out of your system.

I’m sitting here in my office waiting for a student to show up. It is now 2:42 pm according to the clock on my computer. We were supposed to meet at 2:00 pm. That’s 42 minutes ago. I don’t know where he is. (he showed up…a little late…now it’s 3:22 and we’re finished talking).

Another interesting thing that happened this week: Tuesday, my entire class was late to class 15 minutes. I went to look for them. It turned out that they were waiting for one of the guys to finish getting ready for class. I gave them an assignment and didn’t allow them to enter class that day.

I sure hope I learn how to deal with this problem without too much stress in my life. For now, though, I’m going ot eat lunch.