I just arrived home from the church today. We had a meeting with the deacons to talk about the church supporting Rigo, the seminary student who is working with the youth with me. They seemed to be open to it, but like always here, there is a serious lack of funds in the church.

Afterwards, we had a meeting with the young people because tomorrow we’re going to a mission church in Tula. This church is a “mission” of our church, and the youth from our church are going to lead the service. I am going to preach. The pastor from the mission told me that our church hasn’t visited them in over a year. Unfortunately, only 4 or 5 of us are going to go tomorrow. Rigo is going to lead the songs, and I am going to preach. It should be interesting.

I told Janell the other day that I am going to preach about Christ. I told her I have missed Him lately. I have been preaching and teaching a lot about people from the Old Testament. However, tomorrow, I am going to preach on Colossians 1. The relationships of Jesus. He is the Creator, Sustainer, Head of the church, and the Redeemer. I pray that God uses me to share the truth of who Jesus is.