I can’t believe it, but today we are celebrating our sixteenth wedding anniversary! Right about this time I remember seeing Janell appear in the back of Grace Bible Church in her gown. It is something I’ll never forget. I’m so happy to be married to her and be on this journey of life together.

We’re celebrating by doing normal things, since we can’t drive our car today. We’ll be waiting until another day to go out to eat. I did buy her 2 dozen roses yesterday, so at least that’s something. I’ll grill her some steak on the grill tonight after I write an 8 page book review for one of the classes I’m taking.

Romantic, right?

It’s amazing how many things happen in 16 years.

  • We’ve been on so many airplanes, and we’ve traveled to so many places, including Mexico, Ecuador, Costa Rica, and others.
  • We moved to another country.
  • We’ve lived in so many houses I can’t remember.
  • We’ve learned another language.
  • We’ve been to and spoken in so many churches.
  • We’ve had 3 incredible kids.
  • We’ve watched a lot of Rays’ and Dolphins’ games.
  • She’s put up with a lot of corny jokes.
  • We’ve taught and mentored a lot of students.

…And we’re really only getting started. Here’s to many, many, more years!