FeetWhere do you go to buy shoes? Where do you go to buy your kid some shoes? We’ve never had to answer that second question before, but now that Nathan is walking more, we need to buy him some shoes.

But, where should we go to buy them? The majority of people would think that baby shoes are cheap, right? Well, not necessarily. We went over to Punta Norte, an outlet mall (owned by a US company…they have them all over the world), to look for baby shoes today.

But we encountered two problems…

The first problem was that Nathan has really fat feet. It’s nothing bad, they’re just fat. We had to look for wide shoes. We found some, but then we ran into the second problem.

Baby shoes in this part of Mexico City, even at an Outlet mall, are expensive. We ended up not buying any shoes for Nathan. We’re going to see if we can find some online in the US and have someone bring them to us. Anyway, it was still a fun family outing.