At the beginning of each week I send an email to our small group leaders to encourage them as well as let them in on what the lesson will be about on Sunday and give them the questions for their small groups to discuss.

This week I included a list of things that I’d love for each small group leader to do each week. The things small group leaders do outside of their group time will be as valuable as the time they spend with their students each week, and these five tasks are mostly done outside of group time.

I figured I’d share the list here as well.

5 Tasks for Small Group Leaders

  1. Personally connect with their group members individually this week to see how they’re doing. (Ask about their plans the upcoming Fall Break or even just the weekend).
  2. Pray for their group (even the students who don’t come regularly).
  3. Plan an activity with the group for October or November and encourage them to bring friends. Hanging out is a good time to get to know others.
  4. Put the upcoming events on their calendar (I include a list of upcoming activities).
  5. Pick out the best questions from the list. I don’t want our leader s to feel they have to “get through” all of the questions provided during group time.

I want small group leaders to do other things as well, but these are the ones I included in my email this week. Maybe this list will help someone else who leads a group of small group leaders.