Hey! The Seminary here in Mexico City has a new website. If you want to check it out, brush up on your Spanish skills and click this link: www.seminariostbm.org . So far, I haven’t seen much on it, but I hope soon it will work better.

I’m also going to be working on revamping the Center for Youth Ministry’s website, too. Right now, it’s just a big brochure. I want it to become a resource as well with some articles, podcasts, and other resources for Spanish speaking youth workers. It will never be as huge as paralideres.org, but I don’t need it to be.

I’m also thinking a lot about offering an “informal training institute” at night starting in August that will cater to those people who want to learn about youth ministry but cannot come to the seminary full time. Right now, it’s a work in progress, but I’m sure it could become something concrete in the future.