big chairIn light of what I wrote in the previous post about resting, yesterday was a very good example of that. I went to church at 6 am for a prayer meeting that ended around 8:15. Then, I came home and rested. We did pretty much nothing related to work all day. I talked to my sister for an hour (who commented on the comment I made about busy-ness), read a little Harry Potter 4, played with Nathan, went shopping for some Christmas decorations and groceries, talked to my mom, and rested. Overall, it was a great day where we took a break from some things.

Today, I will be preaching at Capital City Baptist Church. They are really beginning to kick up their youth ministry, and I have agreed to help “consult” on what to do. So, I’m preaching in the morning service and leading a parents’ meeting afterward. It should be a good time.