I spent most of Saturday in the car. I was driving to Puebla, a city about 3 hours southeast of where we live in northwest Mexico City.

I was heading to an event in the “Disciples of Christ Bible Institute” at First Baptist Church Puebla. They invited me to participate in an event to promote the Institute and the new Certificate in Youth Ministry program that we are starting there in August.

I taught a sample youth ministry class and also shared a conference about “God’s Call.” The audience was mostly people who are interested in studying at the institute, so the topic of the conference was perfect for them.

The crazy (if not unusual) thing was that as I arrived in Puebla, I got lost.

I hadn’t been to Puebla in around 5-6 years, but I knew that the church was downtown. As I was driving around, I knew that if I was ever going to make it to the event I was going to have to call the director of the Institute and ask him to tell me how to get there.

This was very much like the topic of my conference. To find God’s will for our lives, we need to pay attention to some things that guide us to it. I talked about internal and external factors that help us understand God’s call for our lives, and I had a chance to tell a little of our story and how we became missionaries to Mexico.

Internal factors are things like prayer, conscience, feelings, personal needs, etc. External things that influence us as we seek God’s call on our lives are Bible study, Godly counsel, circumstances, opportunities, etc.

The 6 hours I spent in the car were exhausting, but they were worth it. I’m excited to see what happens as a result of the certificate in youth ministry at the Institute.

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