constructionbackgroundI’m spending my time preparing for my Programming class that I’ll be teaching in a few weeks. It is a class on youth ministry administration, so I am using a construction theme. I was working today on some graphics for introductions to sections, the cover of the notes, and for the Powerpoint. The picture to the left is something I came up with. So far, I don’t like the letters/font I used. I need it to stand out more. Anyway, this is what I have so far. The outline for the class goes a little like this:

Constructing a Plan for Youth Ministry Programming

  • Laying the foundation: Prayer and Philosophy
  • Developing a Team: Volunteer staff
  • Sketching the blueprint: Calendar and long-term planning
  • Finishing the details: Event planning
  • Specific needs: Camps, Ministry Teams, Small groups, large groups, Worship
  • Safety Procedures