I think I work better under pressure. Of course, I become a raving lunatic, too. I don’t think I have procrastinated much.

I think it’s just that many of the things that I am doing will never be finished until the day they are due, anyway. For example, is a sermon ever really FINISHED? I don’t think so. I think you tweak it until the end. It’s the same with conferences or classes. You’re never really DONE preparing for them. You can’t cross it off the list until the event is over.

That’s where I’m at now. I have a lot of projects that will not be finished until the date has passed. This makes me stressed. It makes me think that I have so much to do that it becomes overwhelming. I guess I have to ignore the perfectionist in me and just roll with it as the events come and go.

Here are some things:
All day seminar tomorrow and Sunday morning…an hour from where I live.
Master’s Level seminary class all next week.
Grade tests and papers for class in Cuba and class in Mexico.