I’ve had this picture in my Bible for a long time. One of my Cuban friends gave it to me while I was there a long time ago. It sits there for me to remember to pray for Cuba and others around the world.

The caption says, “Our prayers will break the chains.”


My Cuban friends really believe in the power of prayer, and they should! The stories that they tell me about their parents, grandparents, and even their own lives are a testament to the power of prayer.

But the statement, “Prayer breaks chains,” isn’t just for them. It is for me and you, too.

There are many things that happen in my life that make me feel powerless. I feel bound up by my own ignorance or inability. I either don’t know what to do, or I don’t feel I have the ability to do it. These things bind me and frustrate my attempts to do what I know God wants me to do either as a father, husband, or leader.

However, I do have a weapon in prayer. Prayer is an important aspect of the Christian life. It can break down barriers and chains that bind. When I pray, I know God listens and either moves things or moves me so that I am not frustrated anymore in my attempts to do His will.

I could tell numerous stories of times that God has broken chains of ignorance or inability in my life and ministry, but this isn’t about me. It’s about those chains that are stopping us all from accomplishing what God would have in our lives.

What are the chains that are binding you? Pray about them! God will answer. Once the chains are broken, do something!

Someone who was once bound and is now free doesn’t sit around. They get to work.