I’ve been playing around with posterous.com, a site that allows you to easily post pretty much everything and then decide where it goes from there. So far, I like it a lot.

After you set it up, all you do is send an email to posterous.com, and using different addresses, you tell it where it should post to besides your posterous account. Everything you post goes to your posterous stream, too.

I like it because I can post pictures and video to different places just by attaching them to an email and sending it off. Usually within a minute it is posted to both my posterous account and my flickr account. If I want, I can also post it to my facebook or twitter accounts. I’ve given my posterous account the name: Life and Other Things…Everything I can think about right now, because that is exactly how I use it. It’s a way to share experiences and what I’m thinking.

It’s just simply an easy way to get content out there. I’m excited about the possibilities. I can even post to this blog by sending an email to posterous. How cool is that?