Tonight, I went to the youth group meeting at PIB Satelite. This is the church that meets at the seminary property, so it’s like 5 minutes from our house. Their youth group has about 80 young people in it, and I have been helping their youth pastor, giving advice on youth ministry. The meeting was good, and I enjoyed watching as an outside observer. This church has great potential to reach a lot of young people in this area, so I’m excited to see what happens in the future. They are also the church with which we’ll be working when the group comes in March.

An interesting thing that happened at the meeting was that I saw this kid that I knew that I had met before. I thought he was someone I knew in Florida. It turns out that it really was the guy I was thinking about. We had played basketball together a lot in the past when I was playing every Thursday with Jaime. Small world. It was really cool to see him again.