Queretaro Trip (40)This weekend, we were supposed to speak at First Baptist Church of Querétaro, in a city about 2 hours away from where we live. However, the church canceled on us, so we went to Querétaro for a family weekend away. It was relaxing since we didn’t have anything on our schedule, and it’s always nice to get out of the city for a while.

We stayed at an inexpensive bed and breakfast in the historical center of this very historical city, and we spent two whole days just hanging out, walking around, shopping, and enjoying being in a different place as a family. It was well-needed, since it seems like we’ve been going like crazy since we got back in August.

I really like Querétaro for its charm and atmosphere. It’s a safe city, with little crime and it is very tourist friendly. There are shops and gardens and plazas and restaurants all over the place. We had a great time.

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Check out our video from the weekend.