Remember those old commercials for Michelin tires that ended with the phrase, “Because so much is riding on your tires“? It’s true, right? The tires on your car are important for your safety.

Wednesday I drove over 300 miles in our van, and I noticed that it was shaking much more than it should be. Today I decided to really check it out. The rear passenger tire had parts of the steel sticking out of it. It was really bad. I can’t believe I had driven 300 miles on it like that just Wednesday. I even crossed the Skyway bridge. I’m thankful for God’s protection.

I very well could have had a blowout and flipped the van. Thank God that He protects us despite our ignorance. Needless to say we got a new tire today. We’ll be traveling about an hour and a half away on Sunday to preach at First Baptist Church Oxford. Please pray for our family as we travel.

(Photo by Mykl Roventine on flickr)