Some things on the horizon:

  • Today: 3 classes and a small group
  • Friday night: MK Bible Study UPDATE: went fine with around 8.
  • Saturday night: Church youth meeting UPDATE: There were 7. We had a great time.
  • Sunday morning: Church service
  • Monday morning: I lead devotional at seminary UPDATE: The devotional went well. We also went to get $ from the cell phone company, and we had time to hang out and watch a movie. Then we ate dinner at Toni Roma’s. Not a bad day at all.
  • October 2: I preach at church AND youth group night UPDATE: I go to the first ever regular season NFL game outside the US at night. Rigo speaks at youth group.
  • October 3: Chapel at MCCA
  • October 11: I preach at seminary chapel

Maybe I can fit in sleeping somewhere in there. Or hanging with the family.