Today, we are going to Puebla, Mexico, for the National Baptist Youth Conference. Each year, they have a week-long youth conference for the Baptist youth of the country. It’s one of the few organized things for youth throughout the year.

This year, it’s in Puebla, about 3 hours from Mexico City. We’re leaving in the morning to get there and do a survey of the more than 700 young people who are there. I’m hoping to gain a better understanding of some key relationships in the lives of young people in Mexico. It’s part of ongoing research that I am doing to better understand youth culture. In this case, we will be surveying only Baptist young people, but it will give us a good starting point, and it will be good for the seminary program.

We supposedly have internet in our hotel room, so maybe I’ll get some blogging done while there. I’m hoping to take lots of pics and video.