llegolahora.jpgI forgot to post about this earlier, but today is the beginning of the “Mi esperanza” campaign. All over Mexico, Christians will be opening their homes tonight, tomorrow night, and Saturday night, to invite their friends and relatives to watch a program produced by the Billy Graham Association that will include a gospel presentation. It’s the first time in the history of Mexico that an evangelical event will be televised nationwide. Please pray for this event and the Christians who are participating. It has the potential to impact a lot of lives.

In my opinion, there are two great reasons this has potential: 1) Christians are finally doing something individually. They aren’t inviting their friends to an “event” as much as they are inviting them to their houses. 2) It is breaking across denominational lines. There are churches from lots of different evangelical backgrounds participating in this, making it a reality. When you are less than 2% of the population, you need to stand together.