I'm taking two summer intensive courses at Columbia Seminary. One is on Missional Leadership (I have to read 1200 pages pre-class), and the other one is called, "Doing Theology Contextually." Here is my PRE-course reading list. I started last week. Let's see if I can finish them in time. I also have to write a report on each book, but that is not a very big assignment. Oh, did I mention I'm finishing up another online class this month, too? And they don't call this full time.

Doing Theology Contextually (June 7)

Strange Virtues: Ethics in a Multicultural World (http://amzn.to/d43XJv)
Jacob and the Prodigal: How Jesus Retold Israel's Story (http://amzn.to/aFam8h)
Models of Contextual Theology (http://amzn.to/cpoScR)
Translating the Message: The Missionary Impact on the Culture (http://amzn.to/cDJll7)

Missional Leadership (June 14)
Church 3.0: Upgrades for the Future of the Church – 304 pages – FINISHED last week (http://amzn.to/bUVWYg)
Off Road Disciplines: Spiritual Adventures of Missional Leaders – 240 pages – FINISHED May 9 (http://amzn.to/cgQxYR)
Leadership on the Line: Staying Alive Through the Dangers of Leading – 252 pages (http://amzn.to/bpvBhj)
The Present Future: Six Tough Questions for the Church – 176 pages (http://amzn.to/cjCuvs)
The Forgotten Ways: Reactivating the Missional Church – 304 pages (http://amzn.to/9sOanq)

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