We went today for Nathan’s 4 month check up. It was the first time we have taken him to the doctor in Mexico. Our appointment was at 3:20. The doctor saw us around 4, but that’s normal. It was actually a little better than what I expected. It turns out that Nathan is a very healthy little boy. He’s not so little, either. They weighed him at 18.3 pounds. They also gave him 2 shots. It’s getting harder and harder for me to watch them stick his little body with needles. There was a lot of crying, but only a little of it came from Nathan. Just kidding. He did cry a little, though. So…he’s healthy, and that is a blessing. He’s doing great, and we found what seems to be a good doctor. The appointment was in Spanish, but he knows English, so that is good. We have another appointment next month.