Heroes of the faith

Here are a few of my heroes from history:

Rich Mullins: His life, music, and example have all inspired me to truly be an arrow pointing to heaven.
Jim Elliot: His sacrifice and devotion to reach the Auca indians have inspired me to give all I can to the cause of Christ.
C.S. Lewis: His book Mere Christianity is one of the foundational works in my life.
Jonathan Edwards: One of the greatest theologians and revival preachers in history. His life is an inspiration to study and live out what you believe.
D.L. Moody: His example of devotion to Christ and his ministry and preaching are an inspiration.
Mike Yaconelli: One of the fathers of youth ministry. Yac always challenged us to rethink what we were doing both in youth ministry and in our personal spiritual lives.

It will be awesome to get to see all of these guys someday. They are some ordinary people who discovered an extraordinary God and inspired people with their extraordinary abilities.

Who are your heroes?