I had class today from 8 AM to noon. It was my first day of class of the quarter. I am teaching Youth Culture and Foundations of Youth Ministry 2. I only have class on Wednesdays and Fridays this quarter.
Today, the missionary kids didn’t have school, so Cole and I went to Six Flags after my classes. The park was empty. We got on all of the rides we wanted to get on with very little, practically no waiting. We went on the Boomerang, Batman, Kilahuea, and Superman, among others. We actually rode the Superman ride 6 times. We were only there for 3 and a half hours. You know you’re getting older when you can only go on the ride 4 times before starting to get sick. Just so you know, Superman is 66 meters tall and goes 120 kilometers per hour. As soon as you got off the ride, you could get back on. It was a lot of fun.