I just received an email from three of our students in the Master’s program that we are teaching. Today is the first day of their new youth ministry program at their seminary.

The multiplication of the ministry God has given to us has already begun in two other seminaries in his country, and today there are now at least 4 seminaries in Latin America that have youth ministry programs that will be training many youth workers to minister to young people throughout the world.

Here’s a translated email from Pancho, the director of the center for youth ministry in one of the seminaries, talking about the new Bachelor’s Degree in Youth Ministry at his seminary.

Beloved I am sending you this email so you can participate in our joy, in our immense joy that today is a historical day for our ministry and country.

Today 15 students begin to prepare themselves in the Bachelor’s in Youth Ministry with a strategic plan for them to become members of our School of Youth Ministry where they will be able to develop themselves in the future as professors, trainers, or researchers in youth ministry.

The joy takes our breath away, but it has been proceeded by tears, sweat, prayer, and passion, but overall these other things we have also seen God participating in this by opening doors, approving projects, touching pockets, etc.

You now have the call to turn yourself into a prayer supporter of this newborn baby; it is what we need the most and one more time we echo the beloved Psalm 1, that God will make it prosper.

We cannot repay everyone who has made this dream possible, but God does. He knows how to repay, and he will give 1000 times more than what you have now.


How cool is that? We are seeing the ministry multiply into other parts of the world. Thanks for your support and encouragement as we seek to train youth workers for local churches who will in turn train others.