Our teammates Edgar and Karyna moved into a new apartment this past weekend. Since I’m pretty experienced at moving, they asked me to help them. So we road around in a friend’s van all day on Friday taking furniture and appliances to their new apartment.

When I posted the following picture on Instagram, my friend Luke commented, saying, “Moving is Evil.” I pretty much agree with him about that, since I’m not much of a fan of lugging heavy stuff up and down narrow stairways (why are stairways always so narrow?).

We had fun while moving them, though, and hopefully the next time they move it will be to Ecuador. It’s interesting because we were saying that all day as we were moving their stuff from the Seminary to an apartment about 15 minutes away.

Moving isn’t evil if it is God who has moved you. I’m praying that God moves Edgar and Karyna again fairly soon (they are raising funds to be in Ecuador by 2015). I pray that they will still have the courage to move because He has moved them.

I recently bought the Audio Adrenaline album, “Kings and Queens” (You should get it…if you do, use our affiliate link), and there is a great song on there called, “He Moves, You Move.” The lyrics are great, and it reminds me of why we do what we do. It reminds me that I must listen to God and see when He is moving. It’s not easy to move, but it’s a whole lot easier to do when you know that He is the one moving you.

Watch the video:

What is God moving you to do?