So, when we’re in Mexico, we don’t watch many movies. It’s not that there aren’t any here. It’s just that we don’t have the time to watch them. We usually prefer to stay home and watch TV.

But, on Christmas break, with Blockbuster online, we decided that we would see what movies we could watch. Here’s the list of movies I watched while in the US for Christmas. The last four movies, I watched on my iPod on my trip to Cuba.

Nacho Libre (Funny)
The Lost City (History)
Talladega Nights (Funny)
You, Me, and Dupree (Fair)
The DaVinci Code (Just because)
Monster House (Fair)
Barnyard (Okay)

Cars (Awesome…we own it)
Failure to Launch (Fair)
The Looney Toons movie (Fair)
Top Gun (Classic)