Mother's Day churchHappy Mothers’ Day! We celebrated American Mothers’ Day today because Mexican Mothers’ Day was Wednesday, May 10. So, Janell got two dinners for Mothers’ Day. We also went to “Obra Nueva” church and then to Tony Roma’s for dinner down in Polanco. We had fun with the other missionaries, and the food was pretty good.

WalkingIn other family news, Nathan took his first steps by himself today. We were in the living room, and we decided to try to get him to walk on his own. He was so funny as he stumbled forward for four or five steps at a time with a huge smile on his face. Later, we tried to bribe him with a little whipped cream. He loved it when we would spray it right into his mouth. If you want to watch a video of his first steps, you can check it out here.

Overall, it was a great day for the family. It’s always great when we get to spend time together and when we get to rest a little. Tomorrow is the last day that I will speak in chapel at MCCA in the morning, so I’ve gotta get up early.