Me and the CabritoI finished up the youth ministry workshop in Monterrey on Saturday. Overall, there were about 35 people in attendance. I had a great time and got to hang out on Friday with one of the guys who is very interested in going to the seminary soon. We had a fun time seeing all the sights of Monterrey and eating “cabrito,” or baby goat.

Rafa told me that the part with the most meat would be the “machito.” So we ordered machito. It did have a lot of meat. He wasn’t sure what part of the goat it was. Afterwards we asked and they told us that it was the lungs, heart, etc. I was not thrilled to know that I had just finished eating that part of a goat.

Overall, the workshop experience was great. I had lots of opportunities to spend time with individuals and answer questions about youth ministry. We also talked with a lot of people interested in formal training for youth ministry. We’ll see what comes of those conversations in the future.

I arrived in Florida yesterday and will be here until June when I go out of town for a ministry trip. Our whole family is in Florida until August.