Being back in the United States for us as missionaries is sometimes an awkward time.

For example, when people ask us where we’re from, we don’t have a great answer because we’re from more than one place. Even in our own hometown in Florida, we have trouble explaining where we’re from. “Home” is two different places. Going “home” depends on where we’re currently located.

People automatically assume you’re on vacation. They don’t realize that you are connecting with donors, speaking at churches, trying to find new donors, and continuing to work on your other job in your field (for me, I’m still preparing for classes at the Seminary and making plans for our programs there).

It’s also pretty funny when we get excited about some new product that’s been out on the market for a while but is new to us because we’ve been away. It’s especially funny when the product is food in the grocery store.

The good news is we finally bought our tickets to go back to Mexico! We leave from Miami on September 18. The awkward time of being in the States is coming to a close. Now comes the awkward time of transitioning back into our life in Mexico.

(Image: Welcome to the USA – taken at the border)