I just received a really great note of encouragement on our youth ministry blog in Spanish (www.ministeriojuvenil.com). The youth ministry resource site has received so many great comments and created so many incredible contacts for us. Here is what the comment said (translated into English):

Hi. It is a blessing to have the opportunity to have access to this space and receive refreshment. I am from the city of Cartagena in Colombia, and I serve with my husband as youth pastors in the youth ministry. It is very interesting and edifying to have the opportunity to receive from you all and to be able to bring renewal to our local church. I pray that God will continue filling you with His grace and presence. Congratulations on your work and dedication.

We also received an email from someone today interested in inviting us to teach our informal youth ministry training conference.

We are excited about the possibilities for 2010 as we plan on investing more time in this valuable tool for training youth workers all over Latin America.