Mexico City government officials have lowered the Swine Flu alert level, meaning that we will be getting back to the regularly scheduled program here in Mexico. Thanks for hanging with me and reading all the Swine Flu stuff here.

The fact that the alert is lowered doesn’t mean there isn’t a threat, but it means at least that things will be a little more relaxed. Waiters and waitresses and other workers will still be wearing face masks, and the government is still encouraging their use (although their effectiveness is debatable).

As for us, Seminary starts back up with classes on Thursday. Please keep praying for us. I will be traveling throughout the city on Thursday, so I’ll still take precautions to avoid getting sick.

Pray, too, that this country can recover from the economic impact of the Swine Flu. Pray for the families as they get back into the swing of things. Pray for the parents of young children who don’t go back to school until next Monday.