They played the Super Bowl today in Miami (what’s up with the new name of the stadium?), and in Mexico City, we realized that the Super Bowl is becoming more and more popular. There were lots of restaurants that had parties, and even the movie theaters were cashing in on the game by showing it on their big screens.

We went to a Super Bowl party at our church. They had an “NFL Experience” type thing where they invited people to come and do different “American football” drills, competitions, and then watched the game.

We watched the game at home after hanging out a little. We watched it on our slingbox, which allowed us to watch the game and the American commercials.

Big Ben with his eyes on the prize

American football is growing in popularity in Mexico. The NFL has done a lot to promote the game here, and of course the fact that Mark Sanchez is the starting quarterback for the Jets helps the NFL’s cause.

A while ago the Saints cheerleaders were in a local mall promoting the game in Mexico. We took a quick little video.

The NFL likes to try to promote in Mexico City on