I had a meeting today with Huberto, one of the youth ministry students at the seminary, and another leader from a church in the North of the city.

The guy was pretty discouraged because he had called all over to different churches trying to get someone to speak at a youth event that he is having this weekend, but nobody wanted to participate. Huberto agreed to speak at the event, and Rogelio is looking forward to having him there.

Part of what we are trying to do here in Mexico is connect youth workers who often feel alone and discouraged in their work. I am reminded of the times of fellowship that I had with the network of youth workers back in the States. Attending meetings with them often gave me a better sense of what God was doing in my ministry and in my community. I wasn’t alone.

So, Huberto and I have decided that we are going to start a network meeting here in our area for those youth leaders who want to attend and be encouraged. Our first meeting will be on Saturday, October 27, and we will be inviting everyone we know who works with young people so we can support each other and get to know each other. Please pray for this network as it grows.

(image via: Noël Lee)