“With propoganda, we can make heaven seem like hell and hell seem like heaven.” – unknown

Since I’m thinking about this, I thought I’d put it here. It’s amazing to me how if a country’s government wants to control its population, they control the access to media. If you want to control what a person thinks or is, you control what they have access to as far as information. If you can control everything a person reads, listens to, or watches, you will be able to control what they think. It’s an interesting phenomena that is still happening in our world today.

The next time you go to research something, think about the wonderful privilege it is to have access to the internet or other media outlets. What if you could only hear one side of the story? What if there was no second opinion? It would be a lot more difficult. I never really thought that much about freedom of the press before today, but now I understand why we fight for that freedom.