manweek2.jpg Tonight was day 2 of man weekend. I decided to play videogames. It was a good night to play NFL Street and ESPN NFL 2K5. Those are two pretty manly Playstation 2 games.

I started by watching NFL Network Total Access. I’ve got to get all my Fantasy Football decisions made before church on Sunday, and the NFL network gives me lots of insight as to who to start this week. Then, I played a few games of NFL 2K5. I hadn’t played in such a long time that I barely won. Then, I took a break to eat dinner. I made some hot dogs, a manly dinner.

After dinner, I played some NFL Street. That’s a really fun game where you get to play in all sorts of situations. I really enjoy playing NFL Street. It’s not your typical football video game. It’s a little different, without losing the football-ness.

I finished off the night watching the movie, Kingdom of Heaven. We bought this movie a long time ago at Costco because it was on sale, but we had never watched it. It’s probably one that Janell will never want to watch, so I popped it in tonight and finished up the night with it.