Today I got lots done. I finished up the grades for this quarter at the seminary. My students finally turned in their work, and I got to finish grading the papers and give final grades. It always feels good when you finish something like that. The highest grade was 95 and the lowest was 83. Those who turned the work in almost on time got much better grades than those who didn’t, as was to be expected.

I also had lunch with a friend who is working with the youth group at Capital City Baptist Church. I went downtown to meet with him, and we had some good conversation. I’m looking forward to seeing what God is going to do at that church. A crazy thing is that he works about 2 hours away from where he lives. I’ll have to post about that another day.

I also finished up the syllabus for next quarter’s class. It will be a continuation of this past class, and we will be covering some things in more detail. I got my schedule, and I’ll be teaching on Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:25-11:10. That’s a pretty good schedule. Anytime there’s no class at 7 am, that’s a good schedule.

Janell also bought the tickets today to go to Florida for Kelle’s wedding. We’ll be going there the end of April, right around Nathan’s first birthday, so we’ll be able to have a family birthday party for him.