Today was a good, long day. The group arrived without any problems, except that they arrived to the place I wasn’t waiting for them. You see, in the Mexico City airport, most international arrivals from the US come through a specific gate. The board says they will arrive through that gate. Of course, the group didn’t come through that way; they came through a different way. Also, Brandon lost his guitar. We’ve gotta work on getting that back tomorrow.

The good news is they arrived. Then we went to eat. At the restaurant, we watched the US beat Mexico in the Gold Cup final. That was great. After resting, we went to play soccer and basketball at the courts around town. It was a lot of fun. We met some people. We got to hang out with them and really get some good relationships started (hopefully).

Then we went to Los Arcos to eat tacos. At the table, Brandon got to talk to some of the soccer players who went with us to eat. It was a great conversation. It’s a conversation that I hope will get to continue as the week goes on. Anyway, I’m tired. Good night.