Talk about a long Sunday!!! It always seems like Christmas time is full of activity. Our life here is no different. I was talking with a seminary student the other day and said to him that Christmastime should be a time of activity…we are celebrating the arrival of a King! The King of kings. It is exciting!

Having said that, yesterday didn’t disappoint, being full of activities. We went to the early service at church at 9 am so we could make it to the missionary fellowship we were invited to at 11 am. After leaving there early around 1, we went to Costco to print some Christmas cards we made for some friends and home to prepare for the church youth group Christmas party that started at 5. We had fudge, cookies, and all sorts of goodies that Janell baked yesterday. Around 8:30, after the breaking of the pi�ata and ensuing scrum for candy, the party was over (that’s a short party in Mexico). Around 9:20, Huberto, one of the youth ministry students, came over to turn in some work for Culture class, and he stayed until about 11:30. No wonder this morning I feel like I need a Mint Mocha from Starbucks.