I just got back from a 4 hour meeting with Salomon. We were planning a one-day conference that is taking place in April as well as talking through details of the Leadership Workshop in Guadalajara in May. We also had a pretty good talk about youth ministry in general and specifically the youth ministry at PIB Satelite. Overall, it was a good meeting, even though it was long.

Earlier today, I went to the seminary to work in the morning. After chapel, I came home, and we took Nathan to the doctor for a follow-up visit from when he was sick. The doctor examined him and said that he is all better, but he gave us a prescription for an anti-respiratory infection medicine. We went to Costco, and it cost like $35 US, the most any medicine has ever cost us before. It was surprising because medicine here is generally cheap.

Tomorrow is the last day of class of the quarter, and we’ll be having an exam on Thursday. I had told the students that there would be no exam if they all turned in their papers on time, but none of them did, so there will be an exam on Thursday. Fun for them!