Today, I (Dennis) spent the entire day at church. It was the first day for our youth ministry majors to officially work in the church. So we went to the church at 10 for Sunday School, the church service was short because of a business meeting we needed to have. This business meeting lasted until 2:30. We then went to the Taqueria to eat some tacos (I had tacos al pastor) and had a planning meeting for the youth ministry. After that, at 5 pm, we had the youth group meeting, which lasted until 6:15. It was raining, so we stayed around, waiting for the rain to stop. I got back home at 7:30 after taking some seminary students back to the seminary. Whew! What a day!

Tomorrow is the first day for Janell at Mexico City Christian Academy. I also have to be there for a parents’ meeting. I’ll be introducing myself to them as the “youth pastor” of the school. Then it’s back to seminary on Tuesday.