The other day I read an article about the drug use of Mexican young people, and I shared it on my Spanish twitter account. I didn’t know it was going to have the impact that it did. I simply wrote, “Mexican teenagers lead the way in the use of drugs.” I also included the link to an article supporting that headline.

A few minutes later, Mike, a youth pastor in Monterrey responded, “Impressive and alarming. Can we do something?”

I responded that we have to do something, and I left it at that. But Mike started working on an idea.

A few days later he sent me another message on Twitter. It said, “After your article about drug use in Mexico, we couldn’t stop thinking. Here is what we’re going to do about it.” He also left me a link to his Facebook page.

On the Facebook page his youth ministry had made an event called “Bible-thon.” They were planning to read the Bible for 12 hours straight so they could raise money to invite 100 teenagers to an evangelistic camp.

I tell this story because you never know how you will affect someone with something as simple as tweeting out a message. Obviously, Mike is working hard and would have done something even if I hadn’t written that tweet. At the same time, we have the opportunity everyday to do small things that might push someone else to make a difference in the life of others.

Think about what you do each day. It is important. Even the smallest things could be something very powerful.

What can you do today to cause a change in the world? Is there something that you’ve wanted to do or say but haven’t done it simply because you think it’s too small. Do it today.