No. I’m not leaving the ministry. No. We’re not leaving Mexico. “Leaving the ministry” was simply the title of a sermon I heard last week during chapel at the Seminary.

One of the Missions professors preached about the process of how those in ministry end up dropping out of ministry. He said that the process involves Disappointment, Deception, and Disillusion.

It was a good sermon, and I think it was useful for us.

He talked a little about how, during his 20-something years of working as a missionary in Mexico, he has seen many people come and go (we have seen this in our 8 years here as well). He mentioned that one of the main reasons that missionaries have left has been because of a lack of funding. Being a missionary who raises support, that wasn’t the part that caught my attention. It was what he said afterward that really caught my attention.

The most impressive statement that my friend said during his sermon was, “Don’t be the reason someone else becomes disillusioned with the ministry.” He challenged the Seminary students who had made a commitment to support and pray for their classmates who are currently on the mission field to continue to do so. He mentioned that we can be the reason that others leave the ministry, and this statement made me evaluate my life and ministry.

Each one of us needs to ask ourselves the very important questions about what we are doing.

Some of the questions that I’m asking myself when it comes to causing others to leave the ministry are:

  • Am I encouraging people who are involved in the ministry?
  • Am I living up to my commitments to others?
  • Do I owe anyone anything? (Money, advice, resources)?

I’d hate to be the reason someone else leaves the ministry.

What do you think are some other questions we should ask ourselves as it relates to encouraging others in the ministry?