Leadership is a term that is thrown around very often, especially in seminaries, churches, and missionary organizations. We talk about “youth leaders”; we go on “leadership retreats”; there’s even a section in the book store on “leadership.” A search of Lifeway’s website with the term “leadership” turns up 541 product results and 80 articles. Much has been said about the topic of leadership because of its importance for effectiveness in ministry, business, and government.

lifewayleadershipweb.jpgRight now, many are evaluating the leadership traits of the candidates for president of the United States. We are all observing the leadership qualities of those who want to be president, scrutinizing everything they do and say, trying to find those qualities we believe are necessary to run the country.

It is important for cross-cultural workers to understand leadership and to develop personal leadership in their ministries. In the next few posts, I’m going to share with you some qualities I believe are important for cross-cultural youth missions. They come from my experience, and they are qualities that I try to live by in my daily life and ministry.

This is the introduction to one of the many conferences I am giving in Louisville. See the other parts of the series: