I’m at CIU in South Carolina again. This time I’m taking a class called “Major Issues in 21st Century Missions.” It is a class that revolves around the Lausanne conference in Capetown, South Africa.

The pre-course reading for this class was the best I have ever had to do. It was tough (900 pages), but the issues and conversations that result from reading the various papers that speak to different issues have helped me think through some things in missiology.

We have been watching videos of the conference in South Africa and have had the chance to speak with some of the representatives from CIU who are attending the conference.

Here are the links to some of the videos we watched today:

Lausanne is probably the largest gathering of Christian evangelical leaders in the history of the world, bringing together 4,000 leaders from more than 200 countries to confront the critical issues of our time as they relate to the future of the Church and world evangelization. It’s fun to be a part of it.