I just returned from another trip. This time we took a team of eleven of us from our church. We were certainly a diverse group. We had an engineer, two students, a hair dresser, two pastors, one pastor’s wife, a missionary with YWAM, and a very special six year old.

One of my favorite times on this trip was when each one of our team members were using their passions, talents, and experience to the maximum to serve those around them. I was walking around watching the six year old playing and dancing with students, making friends the way he knows how. The engineer was teaching teenage boys about hammering and helping them build cars out of pine. The hairdresser was teaching girls how to style their hair. The pastor led a workshop on how to study the Bible. His wife shared with teenage girls about what it’s like to be a Christian woman. The YWAM missionary used his training as a clown to share the love of Jesus with children.

It was a magical moment as each one of us were in our “zone,” sharing about Jesus through our actions (without “preaching”) and “being the church” that God has created us to be.

When you find out what you like to do and then use it to serve others, that is when you hit your sweet spot and will make the most impact in this life and for eternity.

An Important Question

I recently asked our student leaders the following question, “What are the things you love to do?” (besides church things). I got answers from playing soccer to playing board games to making videos and taking pictures to just simply hanging out with their friends. I challenged them to think through how they could use the things that God had allowed them to be interested in for His glory.

I wonder what would happen if we all started taking the passions we have (photography, writing, music, sports, etc) and using them to share the love of Christ with others. I think we’d be a lot happier and effective in what we are doing.