Sunday is election day here in Mexico. It’s a mid-term election. They aren’t voting for president, but the outcome of the election is very important. You can tell it’s election time because of all of the signs everywhere, but that’s another post.

I saw this article today and posted a translation here.

Here is some of it that I think is interesting:

The Mexican cult of Santa Muerte today asked its followers to go to the polls on July 5, but that they vote for “candidates for the next generation,” that have a democratic vision and respect cultural, social, and religious diversity.

The leader of this religious group, of which it is calculated has more than 5 million members in Mexico, David Romo, read a declaration in the temple in Tepito that exhorted the faithful to vote for those who respect ecology, for those who want to toughen laws, and those who offer equal justice.

Please pray for the elections this Sunday. It’s important the political situation of this country and for the religious situation.

(image by: phxpma)