As you already know, I’m a big geek. I’m into all sorts of stuff that would classify me as one of the biggest geeks you know. But, because of that, I’m constantly trying to think of ways that we should use technology to make our ministries better.

So, I thought of an idea to try to create a network of youth workers and sort of an online community for those involved in youth ministry in the Spanish speaking world. I have a list of about 200 people who have attended a workshop or conference with us, so I invited them to participate in a Youth Ministry Network. It’s sort of a social network for Spanish speaking youth workers.

The goal of the Center for Youth Ministry is to meet, train, network, and support youth workers. I believe that this netword can serve as a tool that will help us do all of those things, especially meet, network, and support. I’m hoping it will serve to get the word out there about the youth ministry program at the seminary, too.

Visita La Red del Ministerio Juvenil