I have many reports I have to fill out on a regular basis. Most of the time, these reports get sent to me in a Word document, and I have to deal with formatting issues in Word. I am not a big fan of Word, and I’m even less of a fan of wasting time filling out the same things over and over.

For example, our mission organization sends out a quarterly report that we have to fill out. I have no problem sharing what our goals, activities, or needs are for each quarter, but I found myself battling with answering the question and keeping the formatting pretty in a Word document.

Since I’m already using Evernote for just about everything, I decided to look for a way to use it to fill out this report and keep it looking good. Unfortunately, there was no way to create a good looking template in Evernote that I could just fill out. Then I found KustomNote.

What is Kustomnote?

Kustomnote is a web app, along with its mobile apps, that allows you to create custom templates for Evernote. These templates live on the Kustomnote website, but they also sync to Kustomnote’s ios and Android apps, so you can fill out the forms on the go.

It is easy to create a new template. You simply add the modules you want to include, choose which Evernote notebook you want it to go to, and save the template.

When it comes time to fill out the form, you just click “new note”, choose which template you want to use, fill out the information, and click “create note.” After you create your note, it goes to your predefined notebook in Evernote. From there you can use that information to send off to whoever needed the information. The headings and formatting is all already there, and all you had to do was answer the questions.

If you absolutely have to, you could copy the information into Word and send it back to the people who are asking for the report.

I currently only have three templates, but as I continue to use Kustomnote, I will probably have a few more to add to my workflow.

Do you have a lot of repetitive reports to fill out? Do you use Kustomnote?