I don’t know if it was because I was tired of being in the house all day, needed sugar, or just wanted to put off preparing myself for my sermon tomorrow (like I’m doing now), but I took Janell and Nathan to the Krispy Kreme tonight.

It turns out that next to the donut shop there’s a new place called Fun Burgers and Coffee (for real, in English). It’s basically an indoor kids’ playground that sells coffee, burgers, and other food. Nathan absolutely loved it. He had a good time playing in the ball pit and walking all over the place while investigating the other kids who were there. Anyway, I’m sure it’s a place we will be visiting a lot in the future (not for the coffee…yuck…they have bad coffee!)

Maybe now, he’ll sleep all night so we’ll all be rested in the morning (I’m preaching at our friends’ church).

(Photo by: yuichi.sakuraba on flickr.com)