Today was our day off, so to speak. We had a long weekend in Puebla (more about that later), so we took today off from any “real work.” We went to the airport this morning to pick up our friend Rob. He had been in Central America this weekend working, and we went with his wife Tina to help her learn how to get to the airport.

Later, we had coffee with our friends Tim and Annette Gulick, who are working in the city of Toluca, training youth workers and working on an awesome resource website. It was a great time, as usual, talking with them about their adventures and our shared interest in global youth ministry.

We then went to a check up on Janell and the pregnancy. The doctor said everything is good with the baby. We heard the heartbeat again, and he is sending us to get a 3-D ultrasound. We told him today about wanting to go to the States to have the baby and be with family, and he was totally understanding. We have been blessed to have this doctor. He is great. He told us we had to call him when the baby was born to let him know. He’s a great doctor and has been great with us.
02-21-05  Krispy Kreme night

The good news about our doctor’s office is that it is right next to the Krispy Kreme. So we bought 3 dozen donuts (2 for our friends and 1 for us) and took them to the Torbert’s house to eat them. We even dressed up in our Krispy Kreme hats.