Yesterday, Amazon finally opened a Kindle store in Mexico. This is really good news for me because in May I wrote a book. I haven’t blogged about it here before because it’s is in Spanish.

It’s called “Corre para Ganar: 5 Disciplinas para Llegar a la Meta del Ministerio Juvenil.” In English, that’s “Run to Win: 5 Disciplines to arrive at the Finish Line of Youth Ministry.”

It’s basically a book about my thoughts on important steps to successful youth ministry, and it’s a compilation of much of what I’ve taught in Mexico these last 10 years. It’s been hard to sell on Kindle, though, because up until yesterday, my Mexican friends had to have an Kindle account (and credit card) from the USA or another supported country in order to purchase it. They also can buy a printed version, especially at events where I speak (also available on Amazon). All of that changed because Amazon finally opened a Kindle Store in Mexico.

I’m excited about this because there are a lot of youth leaders who could benefit from reading the message of “Corre para Ganar,” and I want to get it into the hands of as many people as possible.

If you are a youth worker who reads Spanish, I encourage you to pick up a copy. If you know youth workers who read Spanish, please tell them about the book.